This will be Bri's fourth year at the Cottage. She is going to switch it up for fun and take over the kitchen this year! She has solid relationships with all of the children and parents. She is passionate about teaching and loves working with kids! Bri has become an important part of the Cottage!



Charlotte is now a veteran at the Cottage and will be teaching the Green Pre-K class for the second year. Charlotte has her Master of Education degree, with the focus being Early Childhood Education. She also incorporates Spanish into her every day regime. We are very happy to have her here and we are looking forward to having her here for another year! She has one young daughter who will be at the Cottage too.



Ashley is the teacher of the Blue Preschool Class. She has worked for us for many years and we love having her. She is compassionate and kind and great to work with! She loves creating an atmosphere that is creative and fun for the Blue Class. She has two sons and enjoys the farm life out in Alfalfa.



Giovanni is the Purple Class and Spanish teacher. He started in child care in 2009, and joined The Cottage team in 2013…and then took a five year hiatus in NYC! We are glad to have him back on the team as he returns to his natural fit in teaching. His Spanish classes are interactive and fun making it a joy for the children to learn and thrive in their new language skills. We love having him back and the children adore him.



Kathryn is amazing! She is kind, gentle, smart, fun, creative and the kids love her. We feel so fortunate to have her here with us at the Cottage! She taught our Kindergarten the two last years, and we are thrilled to have her! She has a passion for teaching and a heart for children. She has a BS degree with a major in Child and Family Studies and a Master's degree in Public Health. She has had experience working with Boys and Girls Club, and loves being outdoors with her husband. We appreciate her so much.



Kristy teaches the Red Preschool class. This is her fourth year at the Cottage and we love her calm and patient style. Her children both attended the Cottage and are now in elementary school. She has a background working with special education and Parks and Rec. She is a Bend native and loves the outdoors.



Haley has been at the Cottage since she was five weeks old! She is Sue’s younger daughter and Hannah’s sister. She will be teaching Yellow class this year, after taking a year off to travel in Chile! Haley has her AA degree, but more importantly, she has years and years of experience teaching every different age group here. She is one of the most passionate, creative, motivated teachers we have had at the Cottage. The kids LOVE her and she appreciates their humor and affection and curiosity in learning!



Maddie came to the Cottage when she was a little girl, and we have loved her ever since! She graduated from high school in Redmond this year and will now be attending COCC. She will be teaching the Orange Class, along with Liberty. The Orange Class is our class for children who may need a little extra help or attention at some point in their lives. Maddie loves to travel and learn and teach.



Liberty also attended the Cottage as a little girl and we are so proud of the young woman she has become. She is very kind and gentle with the children, and very artistic as well. She will be co-teaching with Maddie for the Orange Class. A recent graduate of Bend High, Lib will be attending COCC this fall and wants to be a teacher when she “grows up” !